The North Fork Audubon Society

Society connects people with nature. We promote the preservation of birds and wildlife by protecting and restoring critical habitats of Long Island's North Fork. Our hands-on environmental and natural science programs encourage individuals of all ages to participate. We aim to grow a strong community of active members and supporters who value nature.

Take a look at this lovely video, courtesy of Conrad Obregon, of a little bridge at Goldsmith's Inlet, Southold, New York, its denizens and users.

Goldsmith's Inlet Video

Summary of Upcoming Events
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Sun, Mar 11 Monthly Program: Movie
The Design Secrets of Gravity Defying Animals
Tue, Mar 20 Tuesdays with Tom
Arshamomaque Pond Preserve
Sun, Apr 15 Monthly Program
A Photographer's Gazetteer
Fri, Jun 8 Monthly Program
Marine Cultivation and Water Quality

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Climate Change Is Threatening Our Birds

Audubon's Bird and Climate Change Report, published in September 2014, confirmed that climate change is the single greatest threat to North American birds. Seven years in the making, the report warns that 314 North American bird species could lose more than half of their current ranges by 2080 due to rising temperatures.

On March 12, 2017, Lynsy Smithson-Stanley gave a presentation on the Audubon Climate Initiative. In her presentation, she explained how Audubon scientists analyzed data related to how climate-driven changes in the environment are affecting birds and their ability to survive.  She also gave us strategies for how we, as citizens, can help protect our birds.   Read her presentation here.

Some links to important information sources:

A home page with tips and tricks for how to plant gardens and create bird-friendly habitats.  http://www.audubon.org/plantsforbirds 

Want to know what plants are native to your area, and what kinds of birds they will attract? http://www.audubon.org/native-plants

Read an article on SoutholdLocal.com about
Climate change is threatening birds - and why you should care.