Living On The Edge

From the NFAS January 15, 2017 Monthly Program:

Kevin McCallister  from Defend H@O   delivered a riveting and incredibly informative talk to a packed room at the Red House on Sunday afternoon Jan 15.  His pleasant affable manner and thankfully his ultimately optimistic disposition was in stark contrast to the very troubling and dismal message he was there to convey.  A Long Island South Shore native who has evolved a childhood love of our marine and beach habitats into a professional scientific career of their study;  he has professionally witnessed, first in Florida,  and in recent years on Long Island the immense transformation and man’s futile and often  very shortsighted efforts to reverse and control these climate induced changes.   We as human beings have our heads in the sand and that sand is fast eroding from beneath our feet. In many places there are ongoing futile efforts to truck in sand so that for instance,    Miami beach goers have a place for their blankets.   Not only does a large segment of society find it psychologically more comfortable to deny and resist attempts to control the human induced changes which was actually not the focus of his talk,   but the mitigation steps are also largely inadequate and wasteful of money.  He showed and described in detail the foolish attempts to save the constantly naturally remodeling sand beaches with various structures.  Interestingly NY State has understood these realities but when the oversight is farmed out to local municipal agencies,   science and sense fall prey to influence or incompetence.   We as people who care about their local environments have to get involved,  come to Town hearings on these projects and write or speak out about them.