The North Fork Audubon Society connects people with nature. We promote the preservation of birds and wildlife by protecting and restoring critical habitats of Long Island’s North Fork. Our hands-on environmental and natural science programs encourage individuals of all ages to participate. We aim to grow a strong community of active members and supporters who value nature.


Upcoming Events


Bird Walk: “Dealers Choice” with Jody Levin
Date: Sunday, May 17th, 7:30 am
Meet at the Red House at Inlet Pond County Park

Jody, an expert birder, will decide the morning of May 17 where the best location might be to spot migratory birds.  Maybe at Inlet Pond County Park, maybe not.  Join her for a most informative walk!

Creating a Rain Garden Workshop
Date: Friday, June 12   7:30 p.m.
Location: Peconic Lane Community Center Peconic

Do you want a garden that’s easy to install, looks good year-round, requires little maintenance and helps prevent water pollution? Rain gardens are shallow depressions designed to soak up water and support trees, shrubs, and flowers that tolerate both wet and dry conditions. A rain garden is not a pond and won’t breed mosquitoes. By absorbing rain falling on your land, a rain garden can help reduce storm-water runoff that pollutes beaches, creeks and estuaries. This workshop covers the basics of designing and installing a rain garden with an emphasis on using native plants.
Robin Simmen is Community Horticulture Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. Previously, she was Director of GreenBridge at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Bluebird Nest Box Walk at Mashomack Preserve with Bill Zitek
Date: Saturday, June 13   10:00 a.m.
Location: Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island
We will meet at the Visitors Center at Mashomack Preserve and will walk out to the Red Trail to North and South Fields where Dr. Zitek will explain the Nest Box Project – natural history, banding, cameras and results. We will open nest boxes and should be able to see Eastern Bluebird and Tree Swallow eggs and nestlings. If needed, Dr. Zitek will transport in his truck people who have difficulty walking to the meadows.
William E. Zitek, DVM is a (mostly) retired veterinarian. A volunteer at Mashomack Preserve since 2001, he revitalized the nest box trail and has been growing it ever since. He is a trustee of Mashomack Preserve and serves as their Science and Wildlife Committee Chairman.